The weekend after the first meeting of CQ (just before election day, 2004), a one-term county commissioner, in classic "Old Boy" style, contacted school district administrators and directors of local social services agencies at home over the weekend protesting their involvement with the Coalition for Sexual Minority Youth (CSMY), sponsors of CQ. This Commissioner made his intolerance clear. The community leaders either denied any association with the Coalition or assured the Commissioner that the relationship would be severed. They cowed to this social conservative bully.

Besides Harm Reduction Center, one very rural charter school, and the Chair of the Educational Services District (ESD), all other community leaders turned tail and ran or buried their heads in the sand: "It's not our problem.".

The homophile community rallied and used the conflict to educate. The incident was brought to a decisive conclusion with a banquet dinner to address homophobia. The youth who started club Queer were all seniors at local high schools. They graduated and moved on. The project abandoned.