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by Billy Russo

Here's a situation where an official of our county government attacked gay youth and gay youth prevailed. It was a free-for-all involving school districts, social service agencies, good ol' boys, other non-profits and the lgbtq community. The homophiles stood above the backroom decisions, cowardice, outright lies and gay baiting practiced by some and, sadly, tolerated by most. Other social service agencies not involved, all stuck their heads in the sand: "it's not our issue!"

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by Geoff Alexander

Not quite, Ol’ Man! That was 2004, and I’m still around. The banquet at RoGeoff Alexandern West’s Château was a fantastic evening for this high school student. The dinner was an opportunity for GLTB to collaborate with the community to deescalate fear of acceptance and support from our leaders.

Over a very pleasant meal we all gathered and for a short time were able to let our guard down and talk about the issues that we deal with in our everyday lives. For the first time for some, we were given the spot light and the chance to tell our stories and experiences in hopes that everyone could identify with the simple fact that we are all human beings

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